Friday, May 21, 2010

Tjulyuru Cultural Centre

In mid April we set out again for a return journey to Warburton Ranges in the Western Desert.
The Tjulyuru Gallery was the venue for The Stringmakers, our shared exhibition.
The large felts were placed on the walls, they are stunning and the women are very proud of them. congratulations also to Sujora who co-ordinated the making of them. An ernomous task for her.
Meanwhile Holly, Bron and myself had earlier sent out pieces out on the fortnightly truck.
We then travelled independantly stopping at the only roadhouse on the Great Central Road for an overnighter, Tjukuyirli, where the stars and the moon glowed down on us.
Camels ambling through the spinifex, occasional emus and a few kangaroos (marlu). Plenty of eagles (walaurru), and a bush turkey (kippara). There was plenty to pay attention to, but also one is able to think inwardly along that road. It is just a red ribbon for 1000kms. Dust rises and blinds one when a vehicles pass at speed. Otherwise it can be quite a dreamy (and dangerous) journey

Once we were safely arrived we then spent several days putting our works up and all was ready to go for a splending opening there within the community. The wonderful Lala and Roasalie did the honours.