Friday, May 21, 2010

Tjulyuru Cultural Centre

In mid April we set out again for a return journey to Warburton Ranges in the Western Desert.
The Tjulyuru Gallery was the venue for The Stringmakers, our shared exhibition.
The large felts were placed on the walls, they are stunning and the women are very proud of them. congratulations also to Sujora who co-ordinated the making of them. An ernomous task for her.
Meanwhile Holly, Bron and myself had earlier sent out pieces out on the fortnightly truck.
We then travelled independantly stopping at the only roadhouse on the Great Central Road for an overnighter, Tjukuyirli, where the stars and the moon glowed down on us.
Camels ambling through the spinifex, occasional emus and a few kangaroos (marlu). Plenty of eagles (walaurru), and a bush turkey (kippara). There was plenty to pay attention to, but also one is able to think inwardly along that road. It is just a red ribbon for 1000kms. Dust rises and blinds one when a vehicles pass at speed. Otherwise it can be quite a dreamy (and dangerous) journey

Once we were safely arrived we then spent several days putting our works up and all was ready to go for a splending opening there within the community. The wonderful Lala and Roasalie did the honours.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Four woman traveling

It has been several months since our journey to the Western Desert. Much has happened and we are now almost ready to embark on the return journey.
The women at Warburton have completed their felts and each of us here in the city has completed works which will be shown altogether at the gallery in Warburton.
In several weeks we will travel the long journey east. Almost 2000 kms away and though the road is familiar it will also be vastly different. Grasses changing colours, late summer dryness, perhaps certain plants blooming along the roadside. The grand awareness of ones physical and mental being responding to unfolding panorama.
I have written a piece of prose titled Four woman traveling. It has been printed onto 2m. lengths of plant dyed silk.
Here are the words.

--- four women gathered together --- the four women --- gathered together to speak --- of making string --- of joining strings --- after speaking --- they travelled east --- they travelled east --- to sit at the campfire --- of their sisters --- the campfire of their sisters --- was at Kunupurul rock hole --- women and men and children --- were camped --- at Kunupurul rock hole ------ those four women from the west --- camped alongside their sisters at Kunupurul --- their sisters --- cooked kangaroo tail in the campfire --- they cooked many kangaroo tails --- there at Kunupurul--- at their campfire --- those four women --- put leaves and bark to boil --- leaves and bark --- holding the rich colours of the land --- came into the boiling water --- the women wrapped and bound --- wools and silks --- placing them into the boiling dye water ---those bundles --- took up the rich colours ---shadows of the leaves and bark --- remained on the fabrics --- after --- the women carried the dye waters ---- to a shelter --- they carried charcoal and brushes --- with the dye waters--- beneath the shelter --- white paper was laid onto the earth --- long white paper --- was laid onto the earth --- Sisters and all gathered --- sitting at the papers edge --- many women gathered --- at the edge of the white paper --- they bound sticks and grass --- to fashion brushes --- drawing with the brushes --- using those dye waters and charcoal --- the women --- drew the land onto the paper --- slowly the land --- crept across the paper --- that paper became part of the land --- then all those women --- left the shelter --- left the paper --- for the wind to dry their marks --- dried marks speaking of land------ returning to their campfire --- sleeping and waking --- with the Seven Sisters --- Seven Sisters --- rising and setting low --- Kunkurangkalpa setting low--- Venus rising after sunset --- Venus setting at dawn --- Ngruung setting at dawn --- those women watched --- the stars rising and setting --- after sunrise --- they found empty mipurr beneath the trees --- men and women had eaten mipurr --- beneath the trees --- they discarded --- mipurr shells on the ground ------ the young ones --- cleaned out Kunupurul rock hole --- the rock hole was cleaned --- water was seeping through the earth --- the women walked --- to look at the water --- coming through the earth --- in Kunupurul rock hole --- they returned to their campfire--- after four days at Kunupurul --- they travelled to Warburton --- here all the women gathered again --- they gathered --- in the art centre to speak --- the long drawing was placed --- on the floor --- it was rolled out --- to be flat on the floor --- all the marks became stories --- trees --- people --- land --- words all clear on the long paper --- all the women looked closely --- at the paper --- they looked closely --- they enjoyed the stories --- they placed felts made earlier --- on the floor --- to show the travellers --- coloured felts telling stories --- Tjukuurpa talking from the felts ------ travelling west --- the four women --- returned to their homes --- saying goodbye to their sisters --- they travelled --- a long way to their homes ---later they will return --- to meet up again --- back in the west --- those four women --- are thinking --- about that Kunupurul camp --- thinking about that land --- day and night --- making those thoughts - into stories --- in many ways ---N S--2010