Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good News Bad news

Arrived ! Warburton road house is just outside the town and will be our home from home for the next ten days. Went into town and met Gary Proctor, energetic coordinator of Warburton Arts Project and supporter on the ground up here of this project. A tour of the glass workshop, the art studio and Tjulyuru Gallery where we will be having an exhibition with the women we have come so far to meet and work with. Good news, bad news. Bad news is they are all out bush already for the rest of the week on the first of a series of camps designed to bring troubled young people back into culture away from the influence of town. A three year programme has just begun - Kurrurnpa Tjanyarltu - Waking up the Spirit. Good news - we have been invited to join them out there. Sujora briefly makes contact with Tjingapa Davies, Nora Holland and Lizzy Holland outside the store, they have come into town to stock up and are heading out to Kunurpural Rock Hole again. Tjingapa is nursing three little pups, not allowed to the camp she says sadly, hoping her friend will babysit them properly whilst she is away. Come too, come too they say. We reassess our plans and make a quick decision to go out there next morning.

roadhouse flags

Nalda logs on

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