Saturday, September 12, 2009


Lala West from Warburton speaks :
" we've already been doing warntu work in Warburton. Last year we had an exhibition in Perth at the Homes a Court Gallery, and also we are thinking of having another exhibition, probably here (in Warburton) and then in Perth together with the Perth artists that came to Warburton to meet us. We are working with the Warburton Art Project and we had Sujora helping us. We like doing that warntu work, and we are happy to join up with those ladies from Perth."

Nalda speaks:
As the visitors to Warburton our first consideration was in listening to people speaking Ngaanyatjarra language, it is the first language in country here.

Warntu = blanket , skin , clothes.
Ngurra = home, camp.

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